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Frank Body - The Most Irresistible Scrub

by Haroon Rasheed 28 Aug 2020
Frank Body Coffee Scrub in Dubai and UAE at Shopey

Summers are great, visiting beaches and swimming pools, drinking mojitos while taking a sunbath, it all feels like fun until you get hit with strangest patches of eczema and despite trying so many products, chicken skin isn't going anywhere. That's why you should take your scrubs very seriously. Moreover, they make your body like a brand new with even and super smooth skin.

The scrub we are going to review here is the one which you can't resist using it right away. Good luck with that!

Still haven’t guessed it? Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub it is. Be aware, you are going to get spoiled. Once you got it on your skin, you wont be able to wait for the next time.

Original Coffee Scrub is the father of all Frank Body scrubs. There are so many benefits for using coffee on your skin such as removing dry skin, it also helps to stimulate blood flow and promotes collagen production, which we need for youthful and plump skin. Other than coffee, this product features almond oil to hydrate amd nourish your skin, and vitamin E to reduce damage caused by UV rays. It smells strongly of coffee which will wake up your brain. On top of everything else, frank body scrub is all natural and cruelty free. It's honestly delicious! Your body is going to be spoilt!


Directions: Take one to two handfuls of coffee scrub and start rubbing it on your wet skin in circular motion for a few minutes. Scrub the areas for longer which have dry patches, acne scars, stretch marks or cellulite.

Frequency of usage: For best results, frank body suggests using it twice or thrice a week.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Makes skin even, smooth and soft
  • Fades away dry patches
  • Reduces breakouts, acne scars and stretch marks with regular use


  • Leaves a mess in the shower


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