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V10 Vitamin Tone-up Cream by Some By Mi in UAE

V10 Vitamin Tone-up Cream (50ml)

Some By Mi
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  • Whitening tone-up cream with a moisturizing texture like a moisturizer
  • High-content (700,000ppm) vitamin tree seed extract included
  • Glutathione, niacinamide with whitening effect and 10 kinds of vitamin solve dark skin tone problem
  • The instant tone-up effect when applying and actual whitening effect when used continuously
  • Bright pinky tone-up with nature-oriented natural pigment from Vitamin B12
  • No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component / EWG green grade proved product used
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin / double function for wrinkle and whitening

How to use:

If used alone, Spread vitamin tone-up cream to get beautiful snow-white skin. 

If mixed, Mix the tone - up cream with foundation darker than your skin tone 

As a make-up base, Apply makeup on top of vitamin tone-up cream for a longer-lasting brightly shimmering makeup.

For body tone-up, Apply on darkened armpits and knees. Also on necks that has different shades with the makeup face.